Monday, February 14, 2011

That Was Easy

If there were ever a time that I wish I had a Staples Easy Button on my desk, now would be one of those moments.

Creating a blog on this site required less than five clicks of the mouse and I’ve been developing my own site for months. Therefore, until my site is ready for the world, this will serve as a great cubical wall/refrigerator door/forehead, where I would typically place my sticky-notes. Of course, Twitter is for the real sticky-note-sized notes and Blogger is for slightly larger notes that would otherwise be filed away in some distant folder on my computer with a file name containing far too many backslashes.

Why freshPRC?

Well, I like to think that I bring a fresh perspective of PR (public relations) to the PRC (Peoples Republic of China). The name was an easy fit for me. If all goes to plan, this space will be used to document and share my industry-related discoveries and hopefully get some feedback, suggestions and conversation going about how to conduct effective PR in China.

Everything that I post represents my own thoughts and opinions, which are result of four years in a bachelor of communications degree program focusing on public relations, two years of field experience in a cross-range of industries spanning half-way around the globe, continuous research and media monitoring regarding public relations in China, and roughly one year of living and traveling in China with my companion: the youngest MBA lecturer at East China University of Science and Technology with a background in Chinese literature, financial services, luxury marketing and brand management.

If you happen to stumble across this blog and find something of interest, please comment or contact me. I’d like to get to know more people in this industry.


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